Driveways & Walkways


Driveways are a very important part of any home. They keep your vehicles safe and provide access to your home from the street. At Davidson Hardscapes we have a large selection of driveway materials to choose from such as gravel, cement, stamped brick, concrete and pavers. So any driveway design that you can think up or want we have. Give us a call today 1-855-OPT-4GGF and we will get to work on your beautiful new driveway. We also offer driveway repairs so if you only need to repair a portion of your driveway we can fix it for you too.


Adding a walkway to your home is the easiest way to boost your home’s curb appeal. We are here to listen to your ideas, provide knowledgeable input, and help you create the dream vision you have for your yard. Whether you’re looking to welcome guests with a simple walkway, or create a beautiful backyard patio space for your family & friends to spend the weekends on, GGF Landscape professionals will be the bridge between your visions and the completed project. It takes creativity, knowledge of the materials & products, and the desire to bring to life each client’s dream; and those are the values we pride ourselves on being able to provide.